Nerd's Domain presents Masks of Nyarlathotep

In this episode, Captain Wilkerson deals with the notion that the fog attacked them, Mr. Byrne takes a trip to the Misr House alone, and things get weirder. Did I mention there was another dream and Mr. Byrne attempts escape?



George Chimples as Courtney Hathaway Weld - priveleged man of Boston

John Quiett as Ian Byrne - Hard nosed Private Investigator

Shirley Niedzwiecki as Eva McCrea - Gun toting cowgirl

Jestin Kimmet as Ichabod Botticello - Heretic Killer

Jason Hall as Professor Alexander Wentworth - Harvard archeology professor 

Scott Troiano as Captain Reginald Winthrop Wilkerson III - British high society and big game hunter 


And Matt Quiett as the Keeper 

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