Nerd's Domain presents Masks of Nyarlathotep

In this episodes, we jump through time to see what happens to our investigators and we wrap up the story we've run for the last 18 months.


George Chimples as Ma Chinsho - Chinese assistant to Mr. Weld

George Chimples as Courtney Hathaway Weld - Priveledged Man of Boston

John Quiett as Father Valentin Graves - Catholic Priest

John Quiett as Ian Byrne - Hard Nosed Detective

Shirley Niedzwiecki as Eva McCrea - Gun Toting Cowgirl

Shirley Niedzwiecki as Dr. Whittington - Psychiatrist and Occultist

Jestin Kimmet as Chisobo - Tribal Warrior and Former Cultist

Scott Troiano as Robert Livengood - Big Game Hunter

Scott Troiano as Captain Reginald Winthrop Wilkerson III - British High Society and Big Game Hunter


And Matt Quiett as the Keeper


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